Speed dating amsterdam arena

In spite of this, after enduring a conversation with a Lion, who proceeded to explain the Latin name of every plant in his garden, was shocked to see that the conversation had only lasted three minutes.

She was sure that she had listened to him for an hour or maybe four.

This she’d been advised by one her friends was the best way to meet bold and available Lions, so with a spring in her step, she decided to follow the herd and join such an event.

For those of you not familiar with speed dating, (shame on you) this event like many others had the following format.

If as a result of this post I’m captured by a group of angry Dutch speed daters and forced to explain in under three minutes why they shouldn’t kill me on the spot, I’ll face my enemies and shout “doe maar, jullie nep Kakkers! As Lieke is afraid that her voice might be recognisable to some, she’s asked the shallow man to tell her story. Lieke, another fine specimen of Dutch womanhood that makes me want to get down on my hands and knees and shout, “thank you God that I live in the Netherlands” had recently left an unhappy marriage and thus was a single hot Antelope around town.

As the Lions in the places where she regularly went for a shout and a smoke with her fellow Antelope were too lazy or intimidated to approach her, she decided that she needed to take matters into her own hands and attend a speed dating event.

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The colossal stadium that will serve as our playground for the night will be transformed to create an intimate and mesmerising ambiance.AMF will seek to bring together thousands of dance music lovers from all walks of life, to create a collective feeling of togetherness.AMF is a night where beliefs and backgrounds melt together to create a place that escapes the reality of our world’s imperfections, and together, we will share a feeling of freedom.On October 21, walk with thousands of like-minded souls into the black of night. For our 5th anniversary, we're happy to announce that the crowning of the world’s No.1 DJ, is back at AMF in the Amsterdam Aren A!Together we will dance to the heartbeat of darkness and rule the world while it lasts. On Saturday, October 21, AMF will return to the Amsterdam Aren A with thousands of worldwide EDM fans to take on the night with some of the best DJs in the world.#AMF2017 will be once again nestled in the heart of dance music’s most integral conference, the Amsterdam Dance Event.This did make her wonder if during his tedious monologue, if he’d somehow manipulated time.

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