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As you transcend ego and materialism, you find yourself living a different lifestyle.While this lifestyle is unique to your current incarnation, there also seems to be a familiarity of the direction youre heading. Most of the people on this planet are old souls, yet many remain unawakened and still have a lot more to learn and will need several more incarnations to a 3 dimensional planet.Your name is what your soul currently refers itself as, but in previous lifetimes, you had many different names and you have lived many previous lives as either a male or a female.Did you ever watch an old movie or see some artwork from a specific era in time and have a connection to that era?Much that can be said about an Old soul is what would be said about an old person.Usually old people have traveled to many places and done many things.Even if you are not specifically sure of either, your higher self and spirit guides will continue lead you in the right direction.

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You respect the free will of others and are more likely to use tact than verbal demands of others.

Many of those who are awakened will probably move on to their next level of spiritual progression.

Its important to remember that this is not a race because in the end, we all win.

Because of the age of the body, there is often a tiredness about them that prevents much expenditure of effort.

They are quieter than younger people, have a more relaxed lifestyle, and are more subdued in their manner of expression.

Like a person in the last decade of life, the Old soul is "winding down" so to speak, or "in retirement", preparing for death, settling the estate, and tying up loose ends.

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