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That means you could create a villager NPC who greets you pleasantly if you’re wearing a certain piece of armour, but coldly if you’re wearing a different one; a town where you can only enter buildings if you’ve read a certain sign; or a barkeep that will serve you for free if you have an attractive party member alongside you.Those are all examples of binary triggers — things that are either true or false — but you can also create variables for your game to track and use in triggering events, and with those, you can get into some truly creative territory.Once we’d made a few maps, we tried our hand at stringing them together, which involved our first foray into the world of RPG Maker’s ‘Events’ system.

There’s even a handy selection of pre-rolled ‘Easy Events’, so you can set down frequent features like save points, inns, and shops without having to work out the nitty-gritty details.

Barring that, even having a pre-loaded, editable adventure to poke around in would be a huge help — as it stands, you’re thrown in at the deep end, and it can be a bit overwhelming at the outset.

Once you get the hang of the workflow, however, the interface is nice and clean, and there are some thoughtful quality-of-life touches that make spending a few dozen hours in the editor a much more pleasant prospect.

They can get complex, but at a basic level they’re very easy to get to grips with.

When we wanted to link up our world map to the first town in our game, for instance, we created a ‘Move Location’ event, specified that we wanted the party to change location to the first town when this event became active, and then placed its trigger over the town icon on the world map.

When you jump into RPG Maker Fes, you’ll be greeted with a basic menu that lays out the three main components of game creation: Maps, Events, and the Database.

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