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Hi, I just wanted to give you the satisfaction of turning me down.

I seem to have lost my number, can I have yours instead?

Unfortunately, I didn't get any satisfaction there either. I have spent well over 00 at Home Depot in the last month and had planned on spending a lot more before we get done with our remodel.

They said they would check into it and would get back to me by Tues. I have been very pleased with my experience with them until today.

The researchers also revealed the chat-up lines men most frequently rely on to get the girl.It's very frustrating that they are being so cavalier about the way I was treated.I don't really know what to do about it at this point though.I have decided to move to the country, go off grid, and eventually become self-sustaining..The guys that just installed my counter tops on the other hand.... They came in and barely even muttered a hello, grunted directions to their work areas, and got right to work. Then they continually left the front door standing wide open.After I got off the phone with her I came in and started blogging out my anger, doesn't seem to have helped much though. UPDATE: Well, the company that did the install, never did get back to me this afternoon like they promised.

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