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Genevieve champions the idea of young love, but Zoila remains steadfast in the belief that rich boys don't end up with maids.Finally, she decides that she and Valentina won't be coming into work for a few days.Remi reluctantly agrees to, and so Valentina is now given the chance to finally win him over.When her mother, Zoila, is out at the store, she changes into a white floral-patterned dress and "accidentally" prepares two cups of tea.As his mother attempts suicide once more, swallowing a bottle of pills, Remi is called home by the two maids to come to her aid.The younger maid, Valentina, comes up with the idea for Remi to move back home; Genevieve agrees, believing that she could never be depressed with him around.His parents divorced when he was young, and he was under the primary care of his mother.He ended up with four other stepfathers, all of which broke his mother's heart, leading her to become more careless, and to not raise Remi the way she should have.

She decides that she will help the young couple to get together, but promises not to let Zoila find out.

Remi was eventually accepted into UST, and at some point began dating Flora Hernandez, who was secretly seeing numerous other men.

She soon became pregnant with his child, though this information was kept from him, and she was eventually murdered.

Zoila learns of this the next day when Remi asks Valentina to quote the movie they saw, and once again she is furious.

She wonders if Remi's friends know that she scrubs his toilet for a living, proceeding to go to Genevieve and point out how bored Remi must be outside of the frat house.

She then goes out and buys two yellow uniforms which she informs Valentina they will now be wearing to work; she wants to remind the Delatours that they are there to clean, not be friend.

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