Sexy chat games uncensored


We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.

-- which Heather found to be a bold exploration of sexual experiences and perspectives -- is finally coming to Steam on January 10.

The latest technological advances allow us to experience virtual reality gaming.

We can be completely immersed into our gaming worlds using VR (Virtual Reality) devices.

"They were instantly understanding that the sexual content was important to the game and didn't have any sort of problem with it, and agreed with me that it wouldn't be very appropriate to censor anything.

There was no pushback or anything, they totally got it.

This culminated in a grassroots email campaign started by Henry Faber, head of Toronto-based application and business development company Bento Box.

It took a while before she was able to, and when I reached out to Love about the situation in November, she was very frustrated by that. "It really was just a matter of getting in touch with an actual person at Valve and explaining the game," said Love.

There's tremendous untapped potential beneath the taboo.

"I think the biggest problem is that the video game industry in general isn't used to taking games' sexuality seriously, so it's never collectively had to actually ask these questions before," said Love.

The game is evidence that sex games can be far more than pure titillation, and it's hardly alone.

They can explore and enlighten, even make us laugh.

"I honestly don't even know if Steam is aware that devs sometimes do this," Love said to me in an email. I never considered this as an option, because I don't like the idea of any players getting an inferior experience just because they don't have the technical knowledge of how to find that.

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