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We then followed up (at the end of the semester) with a subsample (n = 73) of participants to examine whether meanings for sex and commitment remained stable or changed over a brief period of time.

“That whole idea that everyone is having miserable sex — I don’t think that’s representative.” Some critics took issue with the article’s “warning” tone, which they felt was intended to worry an older generation of readers about the depressing state of college-age women.Rader and a group of students planned more than 30 events for the week, including an art gallery, a musical production, demonstrations, speakers and discussions.The students faced backlash from state politicians who threatened to cut funding from the university entirely if administrators allowed taxpayer or tuition money to fund the events.“They know just what their buddies say or what they searched on the Internet,” Rader said.She had friends who didn’t know where to find birth control.In , Anna North calls for the end of “women’s stories,” because they “end up being the things that we subconsciously and then consciously think about women: that they are all victims, that they are in trouble, that what they are doing is bad for them and for society.” Elizabeth Armstrong, a sociologist at the University of Michigan who has conducted research on sexuality and gender on college campuses and was quoted in Taylor’s article, said in an interview with that most female college students she has interviewed ended up “in pretty serious relationships” at some point in their college careers.

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