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They don't seem to want to enjoy our island, our culture, our hospitality.

All they want to do is create trouble." This year, mayors, police and tourism officials have openly blamed tour operators for the cycle of violence and even death that have come to be associated with the debauchery.

Greek officials claim that tour operator employees have also been caught dealing in drugs, "easy money" that helps supplement monthly salaries of about £450 a month – less than half the minimum wage in Britain.

"We have found reps selling pills, drugs like ecstasy, to kids," one tourism official told The Independent on condition of anonymity.

"It is a very under-reported crime because it is far more personal and far more emotions are involved." As in the UK, she said, alcohol was the biggest date rape drug.

British detectives last month proposed that Greek police crack down on pub crawls and issue on-the-spot fines.

"She is seen as a modern day hero," said Theordoros Pakos, a senior police officer on Crete.

"A lot of people here are really tired of the way drunken Englishmen comport themselves." The bar where the events took place is in Malia, a resort that has become notorious for the bad behaviour of tourists.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office last month launched a campaign warning Britons of the dangers of "wild" holidays abroad.

With Greece dependent on tourism and with British holidaymakers topping the list of arrivals, residents know they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Local authorities know that if they try to stop the mayhem they will have the entire tourism sector against them," said Mayor Vasilopoulos on Ithaki.

"The drug-dealing and drug-taking is partly to blame for the fatal accidents involving Britons that you see on our islands every year." Christina Tetradi, who heads the hoteliers' association on Zakynthos, goes further: "We've had cases of tourists thinking they can fly because they are in some altered state of mind due to drugs," she said.

"And then they are found dead." Last year, 237 Britons were arrested on the Greek resort islands of Corfu, Crete, Kos, Rhodes and Zakynthos, helping to earn Britons an international reputation as the worst behaved tourists in the world.

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