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"Do you remember being on a teeter when you were little? Do you remember how hard you had to push your body down in order to move the damn thing?

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The only way to CREATE a more EQUAL future is to strive for a more female one. Like standing on a ship that is filling up with people who SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS been allowed to board.Sometimes girls want unusual, for example sex with horse.They dream become a celebrity and act in horse porn for free.I am worried by what she says -- I don't want her to ever think she is taking from someone else what is rightfully hers. She does not know her body is anything other than hers. She falls down and gets up without checking her knees for wounds.I do not want her to be afraid to quench her thirst. Sometimes she takes things from other people and doesn't give them back.She is telling a black mother that her story is invalid, that her perspective is wrong, that her fears are unwarranted. How could she with such unwillingness to realize her depth? Like the palm trees California wants you to believe were here first. Hey, Jesus, we would say, mispronouncing it on purpose. He is the ego we think no one can see when we post for likes and retweets.

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