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A third group of feminists is described as "pro-sex" or "sex positive feminism", and this view is considered the true feminist defense of pornography.Some of the main anti-porn feminists involved in the debates included Page Mellish, Andrea Dworkin, and Catherine Mac Kinnon.The term sex workers' rights encompasses a variety of aims being pursued globally by individuals and organizations that specifically involve the human, health, and labor rights of sex workers and their clients.The goals of these movements are diverse, but generally aim to decriminalize and destigmatize sex work, and ensure fair treatment before legal and cultural forces on a local and international level for all persons in the sex industry.She argues that radical feminists probably generalize too widely as far as women are concerned and do not take into consideration more complicated circumstances such as sadomasochism and prostitution.Elisa Glick also states that configurations of power within relationships do not prevent women from exercising it and that they can be used to enable women to exercise it.

The main thing that these feminists fight for is anti-censorship regardless of whether they personally agree with pornography or not.The debate over sex work is often characterized as an issue of women's rights, especially by those who argue that prostitution is inherently oppressive and seek to criminalize it or keep it illegal, but in fact, there are also many male and gender non-binary individuals engaged in providing sexual services.Most sex workers, naturally, do not wish to be branded as criminals, and tend to regard laws against prostitution, pornography, and other parts of the sex industry as violating their rights.Andrea Dworkin insisted that the oppression of women occurs through sexual subordination, and that in order for gender equality to exist, subordination must be eliminated.Thus, she states that pornography and prostitution are incompatible with gender equality.Likewise, Chancer argues that it is possible for such imagery to be able to circulate consensually and lawfully while genuine feelings of pleasure are being experienced without women feeling subordinated.

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