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Maybe Biggie doesn't have the most female-friendly lyrics, but maybe Kat can still navigate dancing around and having fun to his music because there isn't a rule book for feminists to follow.

When Patrick tries to woo Kat after her slightly embarrassing night out, he follows her through the stacks of a feminist bookstore and coyishly asks to borrow a copy of The Feminine Mystique.

The Bell Jar — the literary classic by Sylvia Plath — is seemingly one of her favorites. There's nothing worse than a narcissistic dude who can't get enough of himself.

When the ever-popular Joey Donner drives around in his red convertible, he very much wants to be noticed: He shows off in Padua High School's parking lot and even pulls alongside Kat to suggest she check out the latest issue of Cosmo for some fashion advice. It's easy to succumb to peer pressure, especially if you're a young woman in high school, but one of Kat's best qualities is her strong will — she lives up to her own expectations and hers alone.

Two participants per table are hosted by a waiter/facilitator/DJ and interactively mixed binaural audio with suggestions and comments on dating 'rules', as well as games pushing social expectations and 'acceptable' table talk topics.

Jorge Lopes Ramos, ZU-UK's Co-Artistic Director said, "ZU-UK's artistic work has never shied away from engaging with urgent, problematic and at times depressing aspects of the contemporary human condition.

After getting sent to her guidance counselor because of her resistance to read Hemingway in English, she maintains her stance and waiver — having the freedom to express yourself isn't just a luxury, it's a basic right.

Kat doesn't fall subservient to his rules just because he's her dad; in fact, she makes it pretty clear that she plans on following her own agenda despite his attempts to restrict her (Sarah Lawrence or bust).

She explains to him, "I want to go to an East Coast school.

At the end of the film, Patrick buys Kat her dream guitar and leaves it in her car as a surprise attempt to win her back.

Sure, it's thoughtful when someone shows you they care by paying attention to what makes you happy, but one expensive guitar does not a relationship make.

She tries to set an example for her younger sister Bianca and explains that she doesn't have to do things for someone else's reasons or happiness.

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