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I have never asked her to take this or that pose, and in fact I must say she does not especially like it when I am photographing her, so I do it quickly and when she doesn't notice.'All her 'poses' are natural.

She is just a little girl who is attracting a lot of attention and unfortunately some of this attention is coming from strange people with huge personal problems, keen to throw dirt at anyone.''Or there was a picture of her by the river, where she is holding a bottle of water in her hands.

The researchers also developed inks that sense salt and p H levels.

The ink acts as a biosensor that reads interstitial fluids - the liquids that surround tissue cells in the body.

The p H sensing inks respond to alkalinity and change from pink to purple as it increases.

She appears mystified - as are many Russians - that displays of homosexuality in front of children can be condoned in Europe or America, while 'innocent' pictures of her daughter have attracted such opprobrium.

Sitting in a fashionable Uzbek restaurant in the elite Krylatskoe district of Moscow, Glikeriya calmly sought to correct what she sees as the misplaced criticisms of her own motives, and her daughter's poses.'But I knew she was cute and decided to give it a try.

I browsed the internet and found the model agency for children with the most attractive and easy to understand website, and sent them Kristina's photographs.'I am certain in my mind all her photographs are absolutely innocent.

Glikeriya I have posted my reply to these people - I said that you must think like a paedophile in order to see something sexual in these pictures, so it is time for you to see a doctor.'It is all very clear there and I totally object to using children in this way.

But just have a look at such pictures and compare them with photos of Kristina, and you'll see that photos of my daughter have nothing whatever to do with it.''But I am glad she has sport in her life now because it teaches children to be hard working and achieve goals.

Today her mother Glikeriya Pimenova, who runs the social media accounts and posted the pictures, hit back in an exclusive interview with Mail Online, saying: 'I do not accept those accusations about sexualisation of my child.'I am certain in my mind all her photographs are absolutely innocent.

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