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This can also increase the risk of contracting STIs, as well as cause confusion, shame, and denial about the sexual encounter.As one youthworker at a BE SAFE training pointed out, “Why would you want to view such an intimate part of your life as a mistake?Youth receive mixed-messages about sex and sexuality from parents, television, the internet, music, school, peers, and just about anyone or anything they come in contact with.A young person can barely leave their home without messages and reminders of how to dress, what to say, and how to relate to the world sexually.For those individuals who are not prepared to make a report, several resources are available with staff who are obligated by law to maintain confidentiality, below: Counseling Center: In an emergency, contact Public Safety at 978-232-2222 to put you in contact with the counselor on call.During office hours, you may contact the Counseling Center at 978-232-2163, Karen Tompkins, director.

Accordingly, the College will act to prevent, address, and eliminate all forms of gender-based and sexual discrimination, which include sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, stalking, and sexual exploitation.Students are also encouraged to report any incident to any residence director, residence assistant or other Student Affairs personnel. Femino Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Dispatch/Business: 978-232-2222 On-campus Emergency: x1111 [email protected] Resources Sally Arnold 978-232-2014 [email protected] Safety Kerry Stokes Assistant Director of Public Safety 978-232-2225 [email protected] Affairs Brandi Johnson Vice President of Student Affairs 978-232-3096 [email protected] Sean Quirk Associate Athletic Director 978-232-2010 [email protected] Academics Aileen Torrance Assistant Dean, School of Business 978-232-2154 [email protected] Academics Chrystal Porter Associate Vice President of the Van Loan School 978-232-2817 [email protected] College encourages all Endicott community members to report an incidence of sexual misconduct.However, the College recognizes that not every individual will be prepared to make a report to the College or to law enforcement.Youth are also surrounded by harmful homophobic messages that can promote an unsafe, unsupportive environment, particularly for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex (LGBTQQI) individuals.Sexual health is not just the of sexual safety, respect, and pleasure.It will implement policies, procedures, and practices that facilitate prompt, thorough, and fair investigations and adjudication of complaints of gender-based and sexual misconduct.

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