Sex date recorded

Long before I knew what it meant, I knew that it was dirty and hilarious.

This lack of context may be just fine for a third grader, but I’m an adult, and if I’m going to continue to snicker whenever someone says 69, I figured at least I (and, by extension, you) should know a little bit of history of the term.

"You were both very close to going to prison."Follow Hannah on Twitter.

We present a first cut of selected information, from a sub-set of forces, on violent and sexual offences as experimental statistics in order to demonstrate to users the range of analyses possible in future and to seek feedback to inform the future presentation of crime statistics.

On top of his 12-month community service order and curfew, Smith is also being ordered to work for 200 unpaid hours.

"It was a brazen offense, committed in a public place over a prolonged period and in the presence of staff," Chairman of the bench, Charles Davis, reportedly told Hirst and Smith.

I like it even more than “spooning,” or, as I call it, 99ing.

These experimental statistics present new data on violent and sexual offences recorded by the police in the year ending March 2015, broken down by age of the victim at the time the offence took place and sex of the victim.

Additional analysis provided on the involvement of alcohol as a factor in violence against the person and sexual offences recorded by the police, in the year ending March 2015, are taken from 27 police forces.

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