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That sweet little Mac or rock-solid processing powerhouse PC might be a conduit to a virtual (in all senses of the word) Pandora’s box of everything we dread – embarrassment, fear, manipulation, and ultimately, impoverishment. However, in the case of internet “sexploitation”, as it is now known, human ingenuity shows its other side. Those who take advantage of the most personal vulnerabilities of others can be either male or female.

Is it too scary to believe that the device that holds the key to your personal world can be used that way? Human ingenuity – when used to solve problems, create art, invent technology – is a shining thing. Their goal is not to take advantage of the user for sex or love. These criminals are after money, and they are very effective at extracting it from the young, the disappointed, and the lonely.

Take this BBC story as reported on the Help Net Security website.

The predator (a woman) invites the victim to an online chat or Skype session and offers to disrobe for him if he will also do so.

After weeks or months of flattery, attention, even gifts of flowers and trinkets, the man asks the woman – to whom he has pledged undying love – for just a small favor.

He gets paid in money orders in a foreign country and can’t cash them.

What you may not have imagined is the hacker who overcomes the security on a young teenager’s laptop, gains control of his or her files, and uses the camera to take compromising or at least embarrassingly intimate pictures of her (or him).So what are the best sites to meet women for online sex encounters?These are our favorites: Sex Play is a great site that clearly defines it purpose; to help consenting adults meet each other for great webcam sex.I have a very creative imagination and am looking to share my most intimate fantasies with a receptive listener. It clearly states what the user is looking for in a non-threatening and approachable manner.I threw in the word “discreet” because from experience, I know that many of the women on these services are married and are looking for daytime cybersex while their husbands are at work.A pre-recorded video of the woman stripping is shown on the Skype session, and often the unsuspecting man then also disrobes.

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