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In Game Experience: Within the virtual world of Red Light Center you see and move around in 3 dimensions, which is a similar experience to any first or third person shooter, except at the pace of a stroll and without having to worry about a hail of bullets raining down on you at any moment.You can toggle your display between first person and third person view (see 1st/3rd button at bottom of browser window), and zoom in and out somewhat while in the latter.The rewards for a high score are being top listed in any particular category, and the simple fact that to get there you will have developed a huge network of virtual friends.Goals aside, playing simply involves enjoy the sights and participating as a good citizen in the virtual and sexy world that continually grows around you.All day and into the night, they’d stare into their overclocked K-Pros, chain smoking, chugging Diet Cokes and luring perverts into chat rooms where they’d draw them out and then give ‘em a good shaming. Then of course, there are the standard naked sites.With the porn stigma practically vaporized, most people I know who utilize such sites for personal gratification are pretty open about it.By default you start the game in a kind of transporter room which provides you with quick access to various locations around town.

The ultimate goal of the "game" is to consistently improve your total points score which is cumulative of five separate categories: Rays (wealth), Popularity, Karma, Sexiness, and Friendliness.

It's a strange world, where you hear utter silence one minute, and then music the next.

Some background noise is sorely needed in locations where no music is playing.

all these people having sex via their online avatars? That this Alderman genius masterminded sex software so desirable some guy stole it and presently sells it successfully to imaginary people in cyberspace is a big marker on our way to Web 3.0 … That’s why I’m so keen to get a bead on these people engaging in such activities.

And it’s not nearly as interesting as talking about sex. You know the Consumer Electronics Association’s annual conference coincides every year with the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, right?

They create their own persona and choreograph activities with others they meet in this chat room.

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