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You may want to meditate on Mark 10:7-9 and ask the Lord if there is anything you are doing in waking life that is preventing or hindering that re-uniting with your husband, and having your marriage relationship rejoined and restored. I believed I forced myself awake because I thought where the dream was headed was not from God. I took them off and looked at my legs to make sure I was undressed.Very exciting that you're dreaming Scripture and listening to Heaven through your night visions. I read what you said and that you thought me forcing myself awake was deeper than my fear of the dream being demonic in nature. I was going to get a bath and then meet up with my husband, but everything kept stopping me from my bath. The water didn't go in the tub, like the shower head was spraying outside the tub. I got in the tub and noticed I still had on another shirt. Well, looks like there is a clean up job to be done.

Since abiding in Christ is to be my focus during the day, why would it not also be my focus as I drift off to sleep?

I believe that in incubus and succubus dream encounters, demons are actually molesting people sexually while they sleep.

First, you pray for a covering of Christ’s blood over you, and the room.

I don’t consider that evil because I’m not the one who built sexual rhythms into my body or any kind of rhythm into my body. These warring parts were: the part that wants to kick back and have fun, and the workaholic part within me.

Now a dream that shows this spiritual maturation which has just taken place within me could very likely be a dream composed of images of me having sexual intercourse.

So I asked God what was hindering my husband coming home. By this time I'm thinking I'm late and I've missed meeting my husband. And it's me trying to reach my husband but I'm delayed by my sister, car trouble, the phone not working, the phone changes and it's not a phone... And it looks like there are layers and layers of things to deal with as you get cleaned up.

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