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As “music” is the English word, the Arabs spell it as "Mousika" and the Egyptians use the word “Mazika" or "Mazzikha" referring to music.

Music can be spelled : musiqa, moussika, museeka, mousika, Mouseeqa, Mousika, musika, mazika, mazzika, mooseekaa ...

Each Arab country of the Arab World has within its musical history and collection of various Arabic music genres like: Arabic classic music, Arabic pop music, Arabic Melody, Arabic jazz music, Arabic rock music, Arabic R&B music, Arabic Hip Hop music, Arabic trance music, Arabic Rai Music and Arabic Rap music.

Even the word "Music" is differently spelled from one Arab country to another.

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There are countries in which the Arabic language is the mother tongue where Arabic music is very popular, and there are the North African countries which are known with their Arabic music but with the African language.

The Arabic music comprises a range of musical styles and genres.

We play the best Arabic songs from a large music archive updated with new 2016 Arabic albums and singles that features many Arabic singers and artists from the Arab world and the Middle East.

The roots of the Arabic music goes back to old Arabic poetry and the "Mouwashahat" of the "Jahiliya period'.

Arab people used to recite Arabic poems with rhythms and later on they introduce the musical instruments to form their melodies like Oud, Rababa, Tabel, and Kamanja.

Today, Arabic music video clips, Arabic music HD video streaming, are a necessity for the success of new Arabic songs and Arab singers.

One single Arabic music video can help an Arabic song reach the Arabic top 10 songs in the charts of Arab Radios and Arab TVs and make it well known internationally.

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