Seven deadly sins of dating


I have had 12 boyfriends and 2 husbands who have had sex with me in my life.I've always kept myself in shape and as thin as I could after 3 kids. I will let me cum in me in front, only my husbands and 2 others came in my mouth and I steadfastly refuse to have anyone in my butt.Stood there with boys cuing up sucking my tits, fingers rubbing my pussy and those girls laughing and saying "get her horny" I felt helpless, humiliated, disgraced and trying to prevent getting sexually excited.It was a mixture of shame, sexual lust and trying to not show the touching was making horny.When I thought it was finally over, my dad made me walk around the block naked, knocking on all the doors and telling them what I did, before asking them if they wanted to spank me. When I got home, I found out the cousins were going to stay and we were going to camp in the backyard.i asked dad for my clothes back, be he made me stay naked for the entire year when not at school, including when going outside.

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09/28/2016 I was constantly called lesbian in school because they had never seen me dating boys.

Then at night, I was forced to sleep outside of the tents, naked, facing upwards.

When I was awake, I found I was the first, and hurried inside to get some clothes, but when I walked out of my room, my dad was there.

While I was hanging there, they played soccer for 45mins until my "undies" broke.

As soon as I was down, dad bent me over and let everyone spank me for as long as they wanted, with a belt.

He then told my little cousin, that I was a baby and needed to be looked after. I immediately said yes and she told me I was to let her change my nappy.

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