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You can use triggers to supplement the standard capabilities of the database to provide a highly customized database management system.

For example, you can create a trigger to restrict DML operations against a table, allowing only statements issued during regular business hours.

Also, all grants for the dropped table or clustered table are dropped.The storage parameters for a truncated table, cluster, or associated indexes are not changed as a result of the truncation.Database triggers are procedures that are stored in the database and activated ("fired") when specific conditions occur, such as adding a row to a table.If a materialized view is corrupt, perform a complete refresh and ensure that you have remedied the problem.If the problem is not corrected, drop and re-create the materialized view.Chaining is often unavoidable with tables that have a You can delete all rows of a table or all rows in a group of clustered tables so that the table (or cluster) still exists, but is completely empty.

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