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"...112358 a Golden Beautiful Simple Elegant Magical Theory of Everything", "...a noble Theory of Everything must include SOUND", "...a noble Theory of Everything must include SWASTIKA", "...

BOOK of KELLS and SPELLS that uses the SWASTIKA to Plant the SEEDS", "...

IT ALL FITS It really does, some of you will see how sweet it is. …IT THUS PRESUMES that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or even merging the 2000 year old ROTAS Square to Super Symmetry was its ANTICIPATION OF OUR OWN OBSERVATIONS AND CALCULATIONS but how can that be? Very very important to note that I mentioned only 8 squares were unaccounted for in the SATOR SQ … Well I have an appointment on Monday with my shrink. He happens to be Jewish, like Ed, he has a Ph D of course, so maybe my buddy JC can deliver this message for me to Ed Witten himself. re=channel Now if you have started to recognize that there might be an association between the letters M and E and W and the number 3 , this next video about MEMEs just about seals it.

Corresponding to the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the beginning and the end, the A and O is associated with `jesus`, and these 8 vowels are in fact on the SATOR SQ. I am sure Ed might be interested in how I joined the dots. Interesting, in this video she also talks about progressing to the TEMEs, and the SATOR Square fullfills both the MEME structure and the TEMEs that we recognize as the ‘4x Es’ move out to the third rank from the center out to the four fixed corners, represented by the ‘4x T’.

Would they use the Southern Cross (Crux) to guide them too?

If a Mu or Atlantis centered around Antarctica did in fact exist then it is clear that the ancestors of the Pacific peoples would have been in the thick of it, the destruction of an archaic civilization prior to recorded history.

SATOR SQUARE MERGED WITH TWISTOR STRING THEORY and the SS Super Symmetry" Take a look at the notation Ed Witten was using.

Scroll down the link.closely, compare, read my explanations, you will begin to understand exactly the same notation in the SS SATOR SQUARE was used as we find the modern ‘alchemist theorists’ like Ed Witten does today. First Roger Penrose proposes Twistor Theory, and later Ed Witten building on Twistor Theory, added the 5 String Theories, and along comes the archetypal sleuth who started his journey using the number 4, follows 4 numbers, 11 2 5 8, takes the flat 2D Sator Square and starts to WEAVE a few knots using swastikas, all the way to Ed Witten himself?

And please note that as we move out from N, we have ET, ET, ET and ET. In the early 1990s, string theorists discovered that some relations were so strong that they could be thought of as an identification.“A theory is more impressive the greater is the simplicity of its premise, the more different are the kinds of things it relates and the more extended its range of applicability…” -Einstein“it thus presumes that the main significance of places like Stonehenge, or the Great Pyramid or any other significant temple or reference to one, was its anticipation of our own observations and calculations.”Inverse square square coupled with in phase and out of phase realities?Laws which all waves that create (Brahma), destroy (Siva) or maintain (Vishnu) must adhere too?Who were the ancestors of the Polynesian and the Melanesian? Makes more sense that our primitive ancestors would pilgrimage TOWARD the sun, seen as a god, or would they run away towards the setting sun instead out of a curiosity to see what happens to the sun when it dips below the horizon?Because they could have hit the shores of the Americas and continued overland, going EAST…never ever giving up, maybe that is why the Aztec had a prophecy where an ancestor would return the east, mistaking H. In the west we have the Phoenicians as the flag bearers of open water navigation, big deal. Makes even more sense that many significant CULTures also believed the sun DIED in the WEST when it SET. So why is the saying The Bearing Strait land bridge?THRICE DUH DUH DUH PATTERNS, as mentioned there are 4 basic patterns that comprise all Celtic weaves woven into a text called The Book of Kells, there are 17 planar patterns found in the Alhambra (higgs boson represents 17), 14 crystalline patterns (stations of the cross?

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