Scott baio and nicole eggert dating


However, like their off-screen romance, the show soon fizzled and was cancelled after only a year, forcing both actors to return to ‘Happy Days’.Around this time, Baio was cast to appear in the film ‘Zapped!In addition to exercising his acting skills at this time, Baio also proved himself a talent behind the scenes, directing the children’s series ‘Out of this World’ (1987) throughout its run to 1991.By this time, ‘Charles In Charge’ had run its course, having been cancelled in 1990, and Baio was once again searching for work.’ (1982) alongside fellow teen actor, Willie Aames as well as recording a self-titled album for RCA Records.Both projects failed to impress audiences, the album only briefly entering the US Billboard Charts and the film barely making an impact at the box office. ’ was widely berated, such as the New York Times’ pronouncement that it was “half-baked”, it would later achieve cult status.

Once again working with Aames, Baio was cast as a fresh-faced college student who worked as a male nanny for a New Jersey family and lived in their basement.The relationship, which became one of the central plotlines of the show, was mirrored in real life, where Baio and Moran became involved.In 1982, network executives decided that the two characters could support their own sitcom and Baio and Moran starred in a spin-off series to ‘Happy Days’ called ‘Joanie Loves Chachi’ (1982).However, later that year, Baio was asked to join the cast of an already popular TV show called ‘Happy Days’ (1974).The 16 year old slotted into the idealised depiction of 1950’s life as Chachi Arcola, the tough cousin of main character and icon, Arthur ‘Fonzi’ Fonzarelli, played by Henry Winkler.Baio’s character was an instant success, transforming him into a teen heartthrob who reportedly received 5,000 fan letters each week.

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