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In the midst of the Hurricane Harvey madness over the weekend, the Austin music scene lost one of its greatest boosters, when former Austin Chronicle writer and Austin Music Awards director, Margaret Moser died late Friday night.

Margaret Moser smiles after receiving a proclamation signed by governor Greg Abbott thanking her for her server to Texas Music for more than 3 decades and while severing as Producer for the Austin music awards and being a Journalist for 30 plus years. BRAZZIELL/AMERICAN-STATESMAN RELATED: Margaret Moser was the Austin music scene’s greatest champion In 2014, facing what she brushed off as a “stage 4 death sentence,”colon cancer, Moser moved from Austin to San Antonio with her husband, Steve Chaney and set up shop in the city where she came of age.

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RELATED: A Margaret Moser primer: Essential reads There’s no word yet on whether an Austin memorial event for Moser is in the works.

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The second suspect who shot and wounded two people while running away was captured later Sunday night."It was obvious it was a very dangerous situation and that lives were being threatened and (the two robbers) were armed with weapons and ...

the good Samaritan with the (concealed handgun) license could have been injured as well," said Greene.

Attendees dress up in elaborate costumes or show up wearing next to nothing.

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"We just ask people to use their best judgment when they get into situations like this."The man with the concealed handgun saw the shooting and fired multiple times at the robber who had shot Murphy, Greene said.

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