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STEVENSEVENThis Esprit model ran from 1987 to 1993 in 172bhp NA (normally aspirated), 215bhp Turbo or Turbo HC (264bhp) SE guises.

1989 Less than 300 base Esprits were made and it was quickly dropped in during this year.

) means there’s scant road room to play with once it starts to break adhesion…

None of these Esprits are short of shove and it’s more a question of how fast do you want to go.

If it is in good tune and not thrashed at every opportunity, most ‘four-cylinder’ cars will return between 20-30mpg – only the V8 with its frightful 14.7mpg figures go against the grain.

The car’s intimidating width was picked up upon by Supercar & Classics who still reckoned that the base Esprit, not so corrupted by power, was a real cracker.

On the other hand, these later Esprits are far more civilised than the harsh and noisy 1970’s car and luggage space is acceptable.

Traditionally, Lotus has always impressed with its balance of performance against acceptable economy.

1991 This left just the well appointed wood/leather, sunroof, etc SE.Lotus did plan to relaunch the car around about now but financially, alon Chalk and cheese is the best way to describe the Stevens’ cars from the original even though the S3 had got it right.Being a Lotus, it goes without saying that as a driver’s car it is second to none but the general view is that these later cars – which featured a much stiffer chassis – are not only blinding quick around corners but are also safer and more forgiving when the limit is reached.Mechanically the car is unchanged with just minor visual tweaks such as a 350 front spoiler and a new rear light design.2004 After an amazing 30 year run using the same basic DNA the Esprit is dropped.A true modern classic but vet one well Known as the Peter Stevens’ Esprit S4 range, it’s one of the best Lotuses of them all although avoid the unreliable V8.

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