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There's dozens of secrets that, when combined, will give you a deadly overall game package.

The more of these "secrets" you have, the better you'll do, and with every 50 or so women I approached, I stumbled on a new secret that made my system more powerful.

Like a kid in a candy store I read everything I could get my hands on and started communicating with guys who had problems with women like I did.

The first thing I read was that , a concept that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me at the time.

The more game I learned, the more I became convinced it was what I needed, that with more practice I could improve my ability to talk to beautiful women, to joke with them, to touch them intimately, and ultimately take them to my bed. Not only did I go out four or five nights a week to approach like a machine, I ended up digesting every resource I could get my hands on, from body language books to audio CD's that were supposed to hypnotize me into getting more sex.

Every day I'd hit the internet forums and on weekends I'd spend my afternoons in the psychology section of the local bookstore.

But over the next few months something interesting happened—the game I was learning began to work.And then one night I actually made out with a girl just a few minutes after meeting her.A mere make-out is not a big deal, but to a video game and poker addict like myself I thanked the gods for letting me stumble on this game stuff.But it did take a while, and I definitely can't say that I was a natural at it.If you see me picking up a girl in a coffee shop or a bar today maybe you'd say I look like a natural, but that's because I have already learned the concepts and put them into practice after years of obsessive dedication.It was really hard to find a strong signal in all the noise, so half of my time was weeding out a bunch of junk advice that today I'm certain was invented without any proper field testing.

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