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“It sounds funny, you walk into the pub and there’s 10 nutters! It had already received the most adoring reviews of their career, and would reposition its makers as purveyors of an opulent, sensual new form of ’80s psychedelia.Its star, some would argue, was the Scottish guitar genius that Severin had just fired.It shows a combination of pop accessibility, electronic textures and danceability that helped make it their first song to gain any commercial headway stateside, where their appeal had been strictly far from the mainstream.But the doomy subject matter (it's a song about the destruction of Pompeii) let longtime fans know the band hadn’t gone over to the bright side.The album’s other single, “Candyman,” isn’t exactly a lyrical walk in the park either.It's a nightmarish window into child molestation complete with a coldly ironic, hauntingly childlike refrain.

Siouxsie And The Banshees are set to reissue expanded versions of their later albums, including Peepshow and Through The Looking Glass, on October 27 – here, in this feature from Uncut’s November 2012 issue (Take 186), the band explain how they created their opulent, psychedelic masterpiece, A Kiss In The Dreamhouse, dealt with the unraveling of their brilliant guitarist and froze microphones in buckets…

But the bracing, post-punk-flavored guitar attack hearkens to the band’s beginnings, and the combination proved potent enough to land the tune in the British Top 40.

Despite the throngs of new fans, the Banshees still had plenty to offer the goth-loving contingent aside from the dark lyrical preoccupations.

Smith performed with the Banshees during the tour in support of their second album, 1984's Hyæna.

And he was summoned back into the fold again, bringing a dose of the neo-psychedelia influencing the Cure with him.

The Banshees' own sound begin to get trippier (a stand-alone single of their take on the Beatles’ “Dear Prudence” became their biggest hit to that point), but bassist-keyboardist Scott Severin formed a splinter psych duo with Smith called the Glove and focused on the their 1983 album, came up with might have been what was least expected of them at that point.

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