Robert kardashian dating priscilla presley

Their rocky relationship reportedly partly failed because Robert tried to “control” her.

Meanwhile, the King – who died 40 years ago this month – supposedly drove a wedge between them.

However, the Kardashian tell-all memoir revealed that Robert apparently “couldn’t wait to tell his friends” about his relationship with Priscilla Presley because she was “a big-time romantic and sexual trophy for him.” Elvis’ ex-wife had a lot of influence over Kardashian, changing his appearance and lifestyle.

However, Robert had ideas of his own for transforming Priscilla into his “version of a domesticated ‘Armenian housewife.'” Kris, now 61, was reportedly “desperate” to marry Kardashian and was extremely “threatened by” Priscilla, now 72.

A friend told Oppenheimer that Jenner would frequently fly back to Los Angeles, trying to “win Kardashian back from Priscilla Presley.” Robert and Priscilla only ended up dating for a year, and their relationship was reportedly rocky.

Robert tried to “control her” and complained to a friend that Elvis was still a big part of her life.

Kardashian allegedly had Kris “out of his mind and had fallen hard for another woman.” Jenner reportedly had “deep regret and extreme jealousy” after she was dumped.

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The book indicated that Robert practically dumped Kris, and he was the one who forced her to work as a flight attendant, so he could have time to see Priscilla.Caitlyn Jenner’s second wife, Linda Thompson, dated the rock ‘n’ roll star in the early 1970s. Kris Jenner was reportedly dumped by her ex-husband Robert Kardashian for Elvis’ ex-wife, Priscilla Presley.Details about the couple’s love affair have been exposed.Kris Jenner, who is the mother and manager of the famous Kardashian and Jenner sisters, was first married to Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob’s father, Robert Kardashian.The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is dealing with a lot of scandals and a new one is ready to pop.

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