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Probably the worst sin of the back half of the book is that Manson comes off sounding a like a smug prick.He delves into topics that he has an obviously superficial understanding of at best and then offers up little insight beyond his “feelz”.

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Then wade through separating the good (things worth caring about) from the useless, asking yourself each time 'Do I really give a fuck? Anything outside of your control, chuck out immediately.

While Kondo might recommend saying thank each item as you throw it out, Knight advises saying a big, loud "fuck you" as you cross the crap off your list. I know what you're thinking; if I turn down that invitation to my best friend's half-birthday (as in, 31 and a half years old), won't she think I'm an asshole? Knight recommends making it a difference of opinion to avoid hurting their feelings.

A good cop out phrase is 'I have a personal policy against [insert X]'.

Embrace your new-found personal policy against half-birthdays with gusto.

Nine out of 10 times, being honest and polite will serve you well.

I can totally see how Manson’s outlook on life would resonate for his traditional audience, but that’s not me.

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