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when you think your done, just tie a string to both limbs, stand on the middle, and pull up with equal force on both sides.

Now mark the side which faced towards you when you found the flex and simple start shaving off wood on both limbs.The first thing we need to do is to find the center of your stick.I have always just guessed and done fine but for beginners you will want to measure the stick with measuring tape and mark the center somehow.(I use a little pocket knife slash) Now go out a good 2-3 inches on either side of the center and make a little line that goes all the way around your stick. Try not to take off much wood, if any, during the shaving.During my time on the AIP I learned a lot, but breakfasts were, by far, the hardest meals for me to plan out.I was an eggs-for-breakfast kind of gal and turns out, I react to eggs so those for sure had to go. Toasted or plain, with cream cheese and lox, this breakfast staple can be made right at home.

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