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Unfortunately that is how bitterness and resentment is formed.

Sting talk usually fosters a foundation of non-communication so it festers and boils until another time when it is triggered.

What I hear quite a bit is one person telling the other that they want to cool off the relationship for a bit - the other person who is feeling rejected at that moment can provide a response - "well, why don't we just be friends!

" This is a response that doesn't work because usually the person does not want that at all.

They want to continue the love relationship and not just be friends but out of fear it is better than nothing.

What you say can make a big difference to your relationship.

If you know your partners sensitivities about a subject, you have to be careful while speaking but you can still speak to overcome any discord or misunderstandings. If a relationship is slipping it is even more important for communication - not necessarily going over the same problems over and over but pulling information and communication out of your partner that could help you continue the relationship.

Sting talk is those things said usually in sarcasm to make a point or in anger to purposely hurt the other person.

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