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This property name can only include lower case letters and numbers, and MUST start with a lower case letter.Also, the name of the property that you include in your URL here MUST be identical to the property name that you include in the JSON request body (seen below)The list of options for enumerated properties.Since Vue doesn’t allow dynamically adding root-level reactive properties, you have to initialize Vue instances by declaring all root-level reactive data properties upfront, even with an empty value: in the data option, Vue will warn you that the render function is trying to access a property that doesn’t exist.There are technical reasons behind this restriction - it eliminates a class of edge cases in the dependency tracking system, and also makes Vue instances play nicer with type checking systems.One caveat is that browser consoles format getter/setters differently when converted data objects are logged, so you may want to install vue-devtools for a more inspection-friendly interface.

Due to the limitations of modern Java Script (and the abandonment of There are also a few array-related caveats, which were discussed earlier in the list rendering section.

It will update in the next “tick”, when the queue is flushed.

Most of the time we don’t need to care about this, but it can be tricky when you want to do something that depends on the post-update DOM state.

If the same watcher is triggered multiple times, it will be pushed into the queue only once.

This buffered de-duplication is important in avoiding unnecessary calculations and DOM manipulations.

As you can see, the material property is evaluated correctly ("PC High Viscosity") but the value isn't shown in the data card.

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