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from Gregory: I have tragically come to realize my story is fairly typical of most Mt F persons.I was molested by my “trusting” grandfather at age 3, father was killed at age 5 and while my mother remarried; you could essentially say I grew up without a “father figure” or role model. And most of them will think they’re doing her a favor because they gave her the time of day. And sometimes, the desire to sleep with a trans woman will make him question who he is. “Guys look at me all the time.” “Sure they do because you’re a knockout.” She smiled. Men are not going to be chasing her, wanting to squire her to dinner or a Jennifer Hudson concert or to see a basketball game. And they will want to screw her to see if they can tell a difference between her and a real woman. A lot of men who are interested in post-op trans women are straight and curious. And for any girl who plans on going to surgery and thinking she’s going to be as hot and desirable as a Playboy centerfold or music video dancer, forget it. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that after you have surgery your shit will smell like Donna Karan’s, Cashmere Mist.

The video below really outlines my pre-op experience, from the diet to the appointments. If you hear about a product you want to know more about, there is a list below with links to them along with my current stats!Yet, the programming in my mind was so scrambled by then that it was difficult to differentiate between reality and fantasy.By the time I started seeing a gender therapist and a surgeon they were as convinced as I was that I was female. If you take all this into consideration before you let a surgeon come near you with a scalpel, you will not be disappointed. I’ve spoken to many bitter trans women who have useless vaginas. Once upon a time, there was a guy who wanted to screw me, but he didn’t want to date me. Most men would date and marry the ugliest woman alive before he’d have a transsexual. Also, when you go to surgery, you may end up with a vagina that does not function. I’m having my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) surgery on Wednesday, and I’m like…freaking out.

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