Pothead dating website


The guy who lived across the hall had friends coming by after chemistry and econ with a pocketful of Blue Dream or Juicy Fruit to add to the mix.

They marveled at Planet Earth episodes, danced to Girl Talk, plotted career moves, business ventures, adventures.

The app works similarly to Tinder and other dating apps.

You simply create a profile, which includes describing your energy level when using cannabis and what you like to do when you indulge in it. will then match you to like-minded marijuana smokers in your area.

Or if you're a young professional, you might want to consider joining The League, which is a more exclusive Tinder-like dating app with career-focused users. Everything in Entropia Universe has real cash value, and the real estate, land and deeds that players invest in are actual investments.

It's like Tinder, but for all the lonely stoners out there.

And just like with Tinder, users can create a profile filled with photos and a short summary and then swipe through potential mates, the main difference being everyone's love of cannabis.

If you like what you see, you can click "Connect" to get in touch or "Next" to move on to the next pothead.

Of course, one of the problems with connecting with anyone through High There!

In high school, a boy I dated started smoking pot and it ruined everything.

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