Polyamory dating okcupid


Back then, she says, she responded to every message in her inbox.

One of the first was from Bennett Marschner, a 23-year-old video-game technical artist who described himself as a “shameless vehicular vocalist.” He seemed funny, she thought.

“I was really nervous and trying not to fidget,” she recalls. After dinner, they watched a few episodes of “Firefly,” a sci-fi television show they both like, until well after midnight in Ruvinsky’s parents’ basement. The next morning, Marschner texted, saying he wanted to be upfront: He wasn’t looking for anything serious.

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He’s not alone in this opinion.“I can confirm that it only allows you to link to one partner,” says a commenter on the blog .

“I may only have one partner at this time, but I’d still not use it for the hierarchical implications.

I’m afraid that this may simply codify the impression of unicorn hunting as the norm for Ok Cupid users (certainly a stereotype).” But the debate of whether Ok Cupid is depicting what it really means to be polyamorous probably resonates very little with Ok Cupid itself.

But it’s this very data that could potentially bury, not benefit, the polyamorous community’s efforts for respect and recognition.

The numbers say group sex is in but there’s not an actual option for people to tick off their relationship status as polyamorous.

Ruvinsky wrote back, saying she also enjoyed singing while driving.

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