Playboy chat tube


It was weird at first, but by the end of the week I was walking around buck naked, going, “I don’t need a robe!

For the first Girls of Playboy Live shoot, we asked our top models from Playboy to step away from their webcams and come out to play in one the hottest homes in the Hollywood Hills.

I watched the videos you did for Poison Girl on You Tube, and not only do you look really hot in them, but you dance like a pro.

Like, weird, psychedelic, Nigerian 1970’s music is usually my go-to for dancing.

It’s nice, because I think people are actually getting the idea that it takes more than a hashtag to actually move things. Well, now you get to wear Dior all the time, so that works. It’s a beautiful company and I have always liked their clothes, but Maria’s clothes resonate with me so much more than past designers.

And it’s awesome she’s putting out a positive message.

I think joining a women’s group is really important.

My friends had to do a full intervention last year because I was wearing Birkenstocks and socks in November. So dare I ask, who do you want to give a Poison Kiss to?

It was my birthday, and I was wearing a hydrating mask from a French brand I love, Biologique Recherche. I mean, I wish I wouldn’t have eaten for four days before the show, but unfortunately, I visited my parents (they live in Morocco, outside Marrakech) for Thanksgiving right beforehand.

The press materials describe Poison Girl as a free and sassy temptress. So I don’t know if they’ve sustained what they were going for. And the shoot was fun, because it was all friends on set--the stylist, the photographer [Guy Aroch]. Is it true that no one eats for, like, four days before the show?

I feel like I’ve answered that question so many times that I should have a go-to three things…hmmmm…Forgetful?

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