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Not that I go that emotional and deep/serious all the time, but I want to know you're ready for it should it happen.

It's a way to make sure we're not wasting our time with you, should our eyes ever glaze over and we go into 'deep' mode.

Moon/venus is nice, particularly in pisces, it would amp up your sensitivity even moreso. So I was talking to a girl I work with today and she was saying that she's never had an orgasm in her entire life. I offered to go with her to Weeks ago, I wrote about a situation wherein many people blasted me for working with someone (Taurus) whom I became rather smitten for, and some said I was acting like a child and need to grow up, because at my age (40), I shouldn't feel this way. We have chatted for over a month now and then finally we decided to meet up. He was the one who would text each day and then we would chat up.

In a way the sun-mars contact should help you offset it some, even in pisces. If he was This is a question for men who are in a long-term relationship, married or is about to propose.

I know we're not supposed to be a good match but I didn't want to believe it at first.

Now I'm having sexual issues with my husband and I think it will only get worst.

Anything current she just keeps to herself much to my disappointment because I want her to know she can talk to me about anything. Family is the worst since you're suppose to just take it. When she's pissed and you're the one nearby, she opens the file and swings away.

Exactly what you said with 'years later' even still.

lol @Eusive You mean least in common with each other or with other signs?

At the beginning when he starte My virgo girlfriend broke up with me thur text on the weekend of our aniversity told me she was not in love with me and that she could not make herself feel what i felt for her.....after a year of telling Me she loved me she went cold for the last month o Man I was so in love with this girl.

First person I ever thought about marriage with, kids, wanted to live together, all that good stuff.

Seen it too often that it freaks out people but why would you date me, if you only find out this about me after weeks.

Better upfront and in the early stages Plus it's funny sometimes to watch people squirm as they have no idea what to reply, when a smile is all I want.hmmm, seems like it's always the other signs who end up sharing things with me that they 'normally wouldn't be sharing' (as they put it)...

I have always been curious how you guys reach your decision-making of whether the girl youre with or girl youve met is the one.

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