Pigeon john is dating your sister lyrics


I'll keep that to myself I'm so stupid [Verse] Well hello my little friends and look at them run I'm still at home with no ends and look at them run Hopping in a tricked out Benz and look at them run While I'm clocking in as a temp look at them run It is too late now to affect the whole world, or is it just dated now?

They could care less who invaded now Really am I silly with the dreams of the milli'?

) Only a Casiowith a calculated account that counts extra slow(How you're doin, Pige'?

) I'm doin okay I'm smilin with no shirt, drinkin OJUsed to be a drought, now I'm Singing in the Rain I could see my pain blossom in the bouquet See they were just seeds planted in the dark times of life The plant roots so it won't get plucked in the light Now it's on, I want my momma in a Navigator She used to give me quarters for a pack of Now & Laters It was awesome, grew up not knowin we was broke Buyin cigarettes for my mom with the noteon the ice cream truck, I remember those days Dressin bummy with the busted fades But now we got a[Chorus: Pigeon John and April Hendrix]Brand new truck, butter-soft seats (You bet we got a)Brand new truck, butter-soft seats (That's right we got a)Brand new truck, butter-soft seats(Now my brother and my nephew got enough to eat) (My uncle's got a)(It's goin down) Brand new truck, butter-soft seats(It's goin down) Brand new truck, butter-soft seats(It's goin down) Brand new truck, butter-soft seats(With my sister and my moms in a penthouse suite, it's goin down)[Pigeon John]I'm not tryna ball in a Lambo I'm tryna keep my little nephew in some clean clothes Some brand new Jordans, crisp white tees Floatin down the court like a feather in a breeze With no boundaries, with no care in sight Spillin champagne on the first class flight Cause it's free, so you know it's goin down like an enemy Jukin fools like Vince Young out in Tennessee Read it by the rules, number one: I can do anything Maybe have a daughter or a son, push 'em on a swing Who, really knows, what can happen?

Flavor Flav had his clock, Tupac had his "Thug Life" tattoo and Pigeon John has his fedora?! As you'd expect, Pigeon John doesn't come out blazing on his debut album. He is the everyman, tripping over his "Highschool Reunion" and sweating over his girl problems.

Pigeon John is an underground MC with a genre-fusing style and positive lyrics.

He is sometimes labeled a Christian rapper because of his positive messages and references to God, but with easily relatable subject matter and musical influences drawing from across the spectrum of rock and pop music, he aims to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Suppose, this song becomes a hit and takes over, the globe?

A Tahoe for my brother, condo for my sister Navigator for my mother, diamonds for my wife and much, mo'What you gonna do when you get home from the road?

Brainwash Projects contributed the single "Muchas Muchachas" to the Christian rap compilation "Sanktifunctafyd" released by N-Soul Records in 1995.

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