Philippine webcam stranger

Some of the 31 people found in an alleged internet porn operation exposed by the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila in 2014.

“It could be an attraction for a registered sex offender – not to say that a person who is not identified as being an offender would not do it.

You can’t tell by a person’s lifestyle choice.” To the outside world, Andrew Salazar was a military veteran who ran his own janitorial service. When he was first convicted for raping a child, he was known as Terrence Leonard De La Garza. His victim was a 13-year-old girl he dragged into bushes and attacked. Throughout the years, he repeatedly changed his name. One cover was the name of the child he had with his third wife.

She left Salazar around 2002 after discovering a briefcase full of sexually explicit images of her daughter and other children, she told police more than a decade later, when he was being prosecuted for live-streaming pedophilia.

But far more get away with this crime, according to prosecutors, police and activists on four continents.

The United Nations and FBI estimate that 750,000 child predators are online at any given time.

That was because they were being victimized primarily by pedophiles in three different time zones spanning the globe.

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