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Some who don’t cover their hair or expose other parts of their body (or wear tight clothing) argue that modesty is an inner quality that has nothing to do with clothes.

Other women argue that the requirements of Islamic dress as stated in the Qur’an and hadith must be adapted for modern times.

And when it comes to the Qur’an, strict Muslims believe that if it’s written in the holy book, it must be followed. Speaking as someone who wears the hijab (though I don’t wear robes over my clothes), it does get hot sometimes, especially on a very hot, humid day.

I usually feel the heat the most on my neck under my scarf. And I’m so used to wearing long sleeves, long pants, or skirts and a headscarf that I don’t feel the heat as much as when I first starting wearing hijab three years ago.

There is no Qur’anic penalty for not adhering to Muslim dress.

But some hadiths describe the Prophet Muhammad as saying that if a woman doesn’t follow the rules of Islamic dress, her place in paradise, along with her husband’s, father’s' and sons’ places in paradise, will be jeopardized.

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What is the penalty for not adhering to Muslim dress?Secondly, the clothing must be loose enough so that the shape of a woman’s body is not visible.Other parameters (as stated in hadiths) are that women shouldn’t dress so as to look like men, women shouldn’t dress in a way similar to those who don’t believe in God, and the clothing should be modest, neither ragged nor overly fancy.Or they feel covering up will identify them to the world as a Muslim woman.Or they feel that covering up will give them safety and the liberty to move about freely.It’s a total package that deals with clothing, behavior, and demeanor.

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