Parser doesnt support setschema not validating


The JDK's XML API predated namespaces, and due to backwards compatibility you must explicitly tell it that you want namespace-aware parsing: , not the parser.

I recommend always parsing with namespaces enabled, with one exception: in legacy code that uses XPath or XSLT.

The Schema Validation Filter uses the JAXP libraries to validate a message against a schema.

You must provide the path, file name, and extension of the schema or schemas in the Schema Locations property.

As I describe elsewhere, XPath has its own hoops with regard to namespaces.

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A problem occurs when the program has to process documents from multiple sources, which may apply different meaning to elements with the same name: an element from one vendor will be very different from the like-named element from another.If you want to instead process the rejected messages separately, you can create the schema validator as a global element and then reference it from inside a filter.Lorsque je test toute ma librairie (utilisant cette mthode) tout passe Mais lorsque je tente d'excuter une action spring, l'exception mentionne survient! The DOM API is filled with design patterns, especially creational patterns: package consists solely of interfaces), which can let a misbehaved program wreak havoc in a shared environment such as an app-server.The XML specification requires that an XML document either have a prologue that specifies its encoding, or be encoded in UTF-8 or UTF-16.For one this is due to the fact that the designers of this library updated the package structure.

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