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Oh, I can't forget Ki Bum's "te-ru-ri" , Ha Sun's nickname "No Geu Rae" (obviously from the drama Misaeng) and the title "High Quality Trash" for Suk Jin. Jin would have another love interest (maybe in a cameo role) to surprise us. Overall this drama is a great one if you don't focus on the leads love story this drama had a slow start, but it gets better towards the end. The ending isn't what expected which is kinda nice. It is overflowing with inconsistency of both the characters and plot. It always happens this way, so it won't be suprise.... Most of people watch this drama because of key or gong myung and of course chae yeon, but i'm not...

Also, the accidental kiss when Ha Sun almost fell when she was seated around Suk Jin's neck/shoulders..was one of a kind, I think. I have to mention that Gong Myung was effective in his role as the younger brother liking teacher Ha Na. I love his desire/goal of high quality in everything, if possible, because that inspires others to aim high. Though, there are some parts i had to skip cause it was kind of boring and irrelevant to me but still overall, the drama is not bad! so adorable and gong myung is such a cutie GREAT drama, I must say & I am a solo sober, love all the characters, Ha Seok-Jin really made this a worth to watch drama, I just love his button round eyes & his face expressions, two thumbs up to the writer and producer I really liked this drama... The only downside was that there wasn't of the main leads romance. There were scenes that were good but also parts that were so boring that I had no other choice but to skip. All in all, I guess it was okay but I don't think I can recommend it. yup park ha sun is my bias since high kick3 and i always follow her drama and movie...

[ 1,805, -108] Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo became a hot issue in 'All In' 6. [ 158, -18] So what if your drama flopped when you gained yourself a lover - 2. City Hunter's Lee Minho and Park Min Young, Worlds Within's Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, etc. Still she is so humble and down to earth as well as keep her philanthropist deeds go on to help social welfares for poor children and animal shelters..

[ 295, -9] I'm sure there are lots drama couples are currently dating right now, although we can't pinpoint who those are 7. hyunbin nd sohyekyo [ 509, -102] All In - Lee Byun Hun ♡ Song Hye Kyo, Full House - Rain ♡ Song Hye Kyo oh they dated? in her free time, she goes to animal shelters around South Korea to help bathing the dogs and cats..

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I really didn't want him to "get the girl." Definitely worth watching. i thought i'm gonna stop watching this after epi 1 because there's no 1 character that i could like then. I learned word too "Bo Yaa" x D x D x D I ship Park Ha Na and Gong Myung as much as Park Ha Na and Jin Sang x D x D I can't wait for the next episode!!! Characters are very diverse, quirky and funny as well. Reminds me of Let's Eat, which is also my favorite drama from tv N. People say the rating is decreasing because it's not like what they expected (they expected it's gonna be like it's sister series 'Let's Eat').Basically every other character apart from the main two have some sort of appeal to them. I hope they keep the cast exactly the same for the second season!!! Give the main couple more couple scenes in the second season please!!The leads are just mediocre and plain and I swear I fell asleep watching their scenes. Really its true...a must watch show....situations depicted very well at their best.....really season 2 is happening i really like to see trio love story ....i liked key and chae yeaon's chemistry....i want more screen presence of them..... If they stay at Noryangjin, I hope they center in on the trio of guys who are stuck there...Good thing that this drama has good actors and comedy at least or else it'd be a flop. No matter where they set up S2, I hope to see Gong Myung soon. I especially hope to see him in another music-inclusive role...He can melt my ahjumma heart ;) Kudos to the creator of this scenario/setup. Annoyed by the other male professor's acting,so lame.[ 509, -102] All In - Lee Byun Hun ♡ Song Hye Kyo, Full House - Rain ♡ Song Hye Kyo... about song jongki lol lets see but insung x so g hye kyo are really close friend( or bestfriend? she donated a large sum of money to build a school in China.. it's none of anyone's business and I think he doesn't give a damn what Knets think.

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