Outlook name cache not updating


What DLux said, plus you can create a new email select everyone from the address book, then DON'T send the email, this should put the entire address book in the cache.I migrated our system from Group Wise to Exchange about 5 months ago.It works from within the Address Book, but not when composing a new mail.This was the default behaviour for Group Wise, is there a way we can achieve this with Exchange? Use CTRL K to quickly check a partial name against the default address book; otherwise, just use Outlook for a week or so and the name cache will fill up with your contacts. We're a TS environment, with people working between several offices, so that will come in handy.This solved the immediate problem of the corrupt mailbox, but created a new one – when Outlook users tried to e-mail the user either by replying to an existing message or by using Outlook’s auto-completion of the user’s e-mail address, the message would bounce back to the sender.This happened even though I had re-added all the SMTP addresses that the user previously had.One think to keep in mind, is that when moving people between machines, don't forget to copy the name cache over (NK2 file located in appdata\microsoft\outlook) so they don't have to repopulate it. I guess people will just have to live with it until it gets some use.Another thing to keep in mind about the cache is that it can contain bad data. Addresses you've used before that are in cache are instantly translated to their correct format, but addresses that have never been used often don't appear to be checked right until sending (especially for a large address book). Compose an email, type the persons name (or part of their name) in the "To", and just hit send anyway.

This problem occurs because while the Outlook auto-complete cache stores SMTP addresses for e-mail sent to external addresses, it uses X.500 addresses for e-mail sent to addresses within the Exchange organisation.If you send the first email to a contact, but punch in an incorrect address, the cache will remember that incorrect address. Outlook will then attempt to resolve it to a Global Address Book entry on sending.It means that you won't know if it's going to work right until you hit send, but it should still work.Legacy Exchange DN values typically look like this: if you’ve ever wondered why the Exchange 2007 admin group has the name FYDIBOHF23SPDLT, it’s the text EXCHANGE12ROCKS, with all the characters shifted to the right by one!) Because the legacy Exchange DN value includes the administrative group name changes to admin group names will influence legacy Exchange DN values.Get ready to find a lot of little things that you say "But in Groupwise that was easy..." I miss it.

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