Online dating in nj


Knowing I couldn’t do the same thing again and expect different results, something had to change.Julianne came into my life at just the right time — when I was ready —and I’m so happy she did!!She took me out of my comfort zone, taught me to identify positive relationship behaviors and kept me moving forward. Our relationship is truly effortless and I can't wait to see what our future holds.Julianne was firm with her rules, but always listened with an empathetic ear. Had I not worked with Julianne I know I never would have met him. Working with Julianne was truly the best decision of my life.

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All the while reminding me that the vision of the man I had in my head might be different than who I ultimately meet. I am now in the healthiest relationship of my life and I couldn't be happier.Starting on day one, I had more responses than ever, and all commented about my fantastic profile and pictures.Julianne helped me sort through this overwhelming pile to find the “quality” guys who really are still out there.As a result of her work, I went on dates with several men who all met my criteria. She never steered me in the wrong direction- I actually had fun dating! Truthfully, I had never heard of date coaching before, but took a leap of faith and decided at worst I would learn skills I could apply to future relationship(s).I went into the coaching process with an open mind and let Julianne guide me.Julianne’s coaching provided the empathetic guidance and gentle pushing I needed. So, on a whim I contacted Julianne looking for a matchmaker.

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