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All of these are diametrically opposed to Amalekism…

Amalek and Haman are targeting the Jews less as a people than as a Divine people." “Providence has ordained that I should be the greatest liberator of humanity.

A large number of Poles and Russians were killed during the German Army's invasion and occupation of their lands, and many Russian soldiers died in captivity in violation of international conventions.

It would seem inaccurate to classify these dead as Holocaust victims, although racism was undeniably a factor in the treatment they received.

Mass Jewish emigration was Germany's goal at that point.

The formulation of the "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem in January 1942 did not treat the Polish or Russian ethnic problem or outline worldwide extermination of homosexuals, but dealt exclusively with the anticipated extermination of the 11 million Jews of Europe.

Their enmity to all that Judaism represented had its roots in history, in the ancient struggle to prevent the dissemination of Divinity in man's world.

This unique aspect of Nazi Germany's war on the Jews was expressed eloquently in the Agudath Israel's underground newspaper in the Warsaw ghetto: "Amalek (an Edomite people who attacked the Jews immediately upon their Exodus from Egypt) is concerned not so much with the Jews as with Judaism: the Jewish outlook, the Jewish worldview, the Jewish sense of honesty, the Jewish sense of justice, the Jewish attitude toward the indigent and the deprived…

Related Article: Greater than Angels A far higher percentage of Jews were lost than that of their non-Jewish counterparts in all other groups.

Without detracting in any way from the gravity of the crimes perpetrated against all victims of Nazism, it seems that major distinctions exist between their Jewish and non-Jewish victims: Only the Jews were singled out for total destruction.

From the ideological principles formulated in Mein Kampf to the original anti-Jewish legislation in Germany of the 1930s, the Jews were singled out as the focus of German wrath.

The ideal of reducing inferior Polish and Russian populations to make room for an expanded German Reich would not be realized, but the removal of as many Jews as possible from the world stage remained Germany's highest priority, to which resources continued to be directed even as the war was being lost.

Nor were the Jews given a chance to reform or correct their ways.

Non-Jews died in the gas chambers, were tortured, starved and shot to death alongside their Jewish counterparts in vast numbers, and were clearly also targets of the satanic Nazi agenda.

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