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we do really have lot of muslim friends coming all over the world and most of mentioned names we already know someone called My husbands family is really biiiiiig lol.

some tend to be the more popular due to the meanings so may already have them in your family.

Still cant decide And even more confussed as my husband joint me in name hunt, his ideas are definatly not matching mine...

names he chooses always sounds weird and got bad rhyming as well it wont be easy this time.... my daughters are Ishma Mariam and Ammara Aiesha, my son is Talha Waleed.

My little girls are muslim and there names are maysa and ruby.

Ruby is very common but I've yet to hear another child called maysa in the uk, when we went to tunisia we heard the name maysa quite a bit. I study Islam at a level and when I came across the name whilst learning bits of the Quran, I was adamant I was going call my daughter (if I had one) that but when I came to have children I had a boy and oh didn't like it either. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Netmums mobile app Hi guys, once again my mum is expecting and yes I'm pretty young.

I know lots of Rayans, Sami's, Hafsa's, Hana's, Zoya's...

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