Nude public chats

“We thought it wasn’t right.” Schmidt, a 21-year-old senior studying communication arts, is also a part of FIU’s sexual assault awareness campaign.“It’s on us.” She said she plans to turn this event into a lesson on the bystander effect.During two days of conversations Buta asked for explicit images and to meet for sex.

“We expect them to be model students, and when they aren’t we’re disappointed,” he said.Teke has 100 members, although it appears only several dozen were active in the group chat.“One person could have stepped up and said something,” she said.Her sorority, along with several others, made a formal statement condemning the chat as “disgusting and obscene” and vowing to abstain from any activity with Teke through Fall 2018.“Whatever we could do that’s in our power, we did,” Schmidt said.Schmidt is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, the same sorority as the girl mocked in the group chat for dying after falling off a Grecian cliff this summer.

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