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British naval superiority could then be brought to bear while France’s superior land forces in Europe were held in check by some Continental ally of the British., and Kaunitz was in fact willing to consider ceding the territory to the French in return for help regarding Silesia.

Ultimately, the force that Kaunitz was willing to exert against France for the defense of Hanover or the Netherlands was far less than what the British required from him.-Lithuanian frontier so that they could be promptly moved to defend British interests on the Continent if necessary.

Louis’s goals for On June 2, 1746, Austria and Russia concluded a defensive alliance that covered their own territory and Poland against attack by Prussia or Turkey.

They also agreed to a secret clause that promised the restoration of Silesia and the countship of Glatz (now and Polish West Prussia as potential fields for expansion but could not expect French support if he started an aggressive war for them.

If he joined the French against the British in the hope of annexing Hanover, he might fall victim to an Austro-Russian attack. That proposal foundered on the opposition of Frederick the Great (elector of Brandenburg as well as king of Prussia), whom the other German electors did not dare to antagonize.

Neither group, however, found much reason to be satisfied with its partnership: British subsidies to Austria had produced nothing of much help to the British, while the British military effort had not saved Silesia for Austria.

Prussia, having secured Silesia, had come to terms with Austria in disregard of French interests.

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