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When I used to work at the Ye Little Club, I did have a lot of stars come in but they were the young Hollywood.

People like Connie Stevens, Robert Conrad and a lot of people who had TV series and were on their way up the ladder of success.”“I kept hearing about the higher Hollywood Echelon who used to go to PJ’S and when I heard that Sinatra used to go in there I thought… So when I finished my year engagement at the Ye Little Club they wanted me to work at PJ’S.

(1967), The Phynx (1970), The Reluctant Heroes (TV Movie -1971), Adam-12 (TV Series 1971-1972), Antonio (1973), The Mystery of the Silent Scream (1977), The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV Series 1977).(Video documentary short) 2006, The Best of Music Flashback Television Shows: Featuring Music Scene and Hullabaloo (Video documentary short) 2001, Refrescante 95 (TV Series) 1995, Prima Donnas 1995, Querida Concha (TV Series) 1993, , Musikladen (TV Series) 1981, A Gift of Music (TV Movie) 1981, Sha Na Na (TV Series) 1978, 1971-1976 The Gibson guitar company asked Trini Lopez to design a guitar for them in 1964.

The Trini Lopez Standard, a rock and roll model based on the Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow body, and the Lopez Deluxe, a variation of a Gibson jazz guitar designed by Barney Kessel.

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So they hired me for three months at PJ’S and I stayed a year and a half … I used to work from 9-2 in the morning; I did four shows and never repeated a song, four hours of singing. Don Costa came back a couple of times, and the second time he came over to talk to me about signing me up. I had “If I had a Hammer” on the album which became a #1 hit in thirty eight countries, and then “La Bamba,” “This Land Is Your Land,” “Bye Bye Blackbird,” and all these songs.

After Sinatra came in and saw me about three or four times, he sent Don Costa to talk to me.”“Don Costa was one of his main record producers for Reprise Records. The reason Don Costa was so surprised that I knew the label was because Sinatra had Reprise at that time for a year or a little longer and had Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr., and everybody on the label, but they weren’t selling any records. Don Costa said we’d like to record you here and I was very surprised. and he said we’ll do one more here because your album is such a hit.

So Don Costa introduced himself to me and said Trini, I’m here on behalf of Reprise Records. So they called it ‘More Trini Lopez at PJ’S.’ That album had songs like “Kansas City” and all kinds of hits again.

Both were in production from 1964 until 1971 and are highly sought out collector items.

Some owners of the guitar include The 200 gram vinyl record is beautifully presented in a sturdy old style gatefold jacket featuring the original album art work and for the first time includes the lyrics to all the tunes.

The back of each album is foil-stamped with its unique number, and available to purchase Side One: A-me-ri-ca, If I Had a Hammer, Bye Bye Blackbird, Cielito Lindo, This Land Is Your Land, What'd I Say Side Two: La Bamba, Granada, MEDLEY: Gotta Travel On, Down by the Riverside, Marianne, When the Saints Go Marching In, Volare, Unchain My Heart.

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