No log in fuck site

The beauty of a minor was that I could cherry pick all the cool CS classes and skip everything else.

One of my favorite classes, the one I remember the most, was Algorithms.

I graduated with a Computer Science minor from the University of Virginia in 1992.

The reason it's a minor and not a major is because to major in CS at UVa you had to go through the Engineering School, and I was absolutely not cut out for that kind of hardcore math and physics, to put it mildly.

) Verse 3: Pow, lemme show you how took away ya milly now Cash cow, cheddar wow! Fuck the needy, fuck the treaty, line 'em up and pow pow! Bang bang, ching ching, bang, ching-a-ling bang POW POW CHICKA BANG BANG, CHICKA CHICKA POOOWWWW!

Forget it, I'll admit it, can't get it cause I'm greedy greedy greedy!

Verse 1: Look at this millionaire, suave, definitely paid Lemonade, stock market played, marinate in shade Top grade, bitches blowin' their phones up, walk by Never lie, I'm the type of guy wit' sparkles in my eye Rollin' by, BMW, never take the truck wit' the kids Who?

Over there, ruby diamond Sinclair Looky there, everywhere I stay flossin' them thangs I'm like bang bling bling blang chingy bling blang What the fuck, bitch? Move along, c'mon until it's gone, get the fuck out the room I'm rollin' chrome, 700 spoke whicky whicky what?

A login form with two fields, two buttons, and a link on it seems simple, right? It is, until you consider all the ways the simple act of logging in with those two fields can go wrong for the user. The critical fault of Open ID, as much as I liked it as an early login solution, was its assumption that users could accept an URL as their "identity". Because I can tell you with 100% certainty that when those users forget their password, and they will, all the time, they'll need that email anyway to get a password reset.So we absolutely support that, if you've configured it.But today I want to focus on the core, basic login experience: user and password. Some people even propose using email as the only login method.On many websites, here's the sort of message you'll see after entering an email address in the forgot password form: Note the coy "if" there, which is a hedge against all the security implications of revealing whether a given email address exists on the site just by typing it into the forgot password form.We're deadly serious about picking safe defaults for Discourse, so out of the box you won't get exploited or abused or overrun with spammers.The answer at the time seemed to be that if you combined “log in” and “login”, it exceeded “sign in”, but not by much. Upon subsequent logins in that browser, you should see the username and password automatically autofilled.

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