Nice guys dating manual


I've known plenty of men who changed their heartbreaking ways for a wiser, more mature stance on the dating game.Neil Strauss wrote about gleefully chasing tail as a pick-up artist, and grew stoic years later when he admitted he was a sex addict."Once we move in together" or "as soon as he's done with his master's program" or "he's just really stressed at work right now" -- NO.Relationships can't be propped up on the promise of things being better some day. Rough patches or dealing with normal, everyday hazards is one thing.Dating bad boys felt rebellious, and I guess still does for a lot of people.Except that women now (thankfully) have ever-fewer boxes to break out of. Buy a utility belt and some lingerie and head to Burning Man!You think it's the heart talking, but it's not -- it's actually the ego; and it wants to you to think you're special, or that you can tame him and handle him like other girls couldn't. I definitely lived in the fantasy of falling in love with a deeply misunderstood soul, and believed for a while that I was the only extraordinary person who could get through to him. And if I couldn't have known that from the initial bumps we ran into early on, his multiple angry exes should have been strong indicators. It was hard, but I still came out of that relationship in one piece -- a big difference from the chaos that went down before.

If you’re a “nice guy” who’s always covered in corn chip crumbs and you don’t wash your hair, we’re not going to want to make out with you.

I'm a woman who's all about going out with nice guys. I'm not an anomaly of the XX chromosome, I'm not boring, overly domestic, and certainly not a prude. But after kissing a few frogs, I've learned the benefits of always choosing a heart of gold over a tall, dark, and handsome jerk.

I'm just a girl who's done putting up with the BS and douchebaggery of bad boys. People tend to want what they can't have, or be attracted to a challenge (bad-boy appeal in a nutshell).

And if we don’t want to make out with you, we’re not going to go out with you.

You can have friendship without attraction, but you can’t have a relationship without it.

Men who complain that they are unlucky in love despite their 'nice guy' persona may have a sinister agenda.

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